What is Urbanist Ramen?

Urbanist Ramen brings people who are passionate about cities together. We meet every 4 to 6-ish weeks, almost always in Manhattan, over noodles and drinks to talk local and global urbanism.

Why we gather

Urbanism is cool - but finding and supporting your people is even cooler. We’re here to connect and collaborate with each other in our various creative and research endeavors that are shaping NYC + beyond.

Join our crew

Whether you’re an urbanist, planner, cartographer or programmer, there’s space for you. This is an open group so just subscribe to join us.

This newsletter

We’ve set this up so that it’s easy to invite new friends and stay up-to-date with community happenings. But don’t worry, we won’t spam ya. We’ll only send out a newsletter every few weeks or so with details on our next urbanist/ramen outing.